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Intervino is a Singapore-based wine merchant established since 2001, specializing in Italian wines. We have in-depth knowledge of Italian wines, producers and winemakers. Throughout these years, we have established great relationships with premium cellars across Italy, so we are able to procure hard-to-find wines at attractive prices. Our customers include those intimately familiar with the particularities of Italian wines to those just introduced to wines.


Our Message

We believe that true Italian wines can offer more in terms of value and satisfaction. A unique wine growing country where 70% of terrain is either mountain or hill and where grapes are grown in ALL parts (20 regions in total) of the country and ideal climate ensure proper ripening and no added sugar is needed (and indeed chaptalization is forbidden by Italian law) to raise the alcohol. With over 300 different grape varieties and coupled that with the styles of wine (eg. ripasso, amarone, frizzante, amabile, secco, dolce etc ), these make Italy unique among all wine producing countries in the world.

At Intervino, we are committed to bringing Quality Italian Wines at the best price for you!

We wish you a happy shopping experience at our online store!