Service Policy

updated 06 March 2014

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully!

  1. All prices quoted are nett. We do not charge GST.
  2. Free delivery for purchases $400/- and above. If delivery is required we charge $25/- per trip per location. All deliveries limited to mainland Singapore. Self collection can be arranged from our office address.
  3. All orders are subjected to final confirmation.
  4. Corked wine will be replaced with the same wine, or if not available, a wine of same/ similar value.
  5. We do not entertain any replacement of wines after 2 months from the date of delivery.
  6. Request to exchange wines bought from us for other wines will be considered on a case by case basis.
  7. We can usually deliver within the next working day if the order is confirmed and paid in the morning, otherwise, it will be delivered the day after.
  8. Our delivery staff will confirm the delivery arrangement via SMS.
  9. Payment is made by credit card/cash/cheque (payable to “Intervino Singapore”) only.
  10. Old Vintage – For customers who regularly buy old vintages from us and they already know, there are only 3 things we guarantee :  (A) Wine colour still healthy red (we can tell that if we hold the bottle against strong light); (B) There is no leakage at the cork; (C) The ullage (wine level) is at good level – shoulder level at least.
  11. In the context of old vintages, if the bottle satisfies these 3 conditions, we say it is in perfect condition (we think it is fair for us to say so). If customer did not like the wine after opening it, we are unable to offer any refund or replacement. It is normal that the wine becomes cloudy upon receiving it from us, as during the journey, the sediments will have been stirred up pretty much.
  12. Important Note : To remind customers (especially those who are buying 1st time) on how to serve these wines. For these old wines, remember to stand them upright for at least a few days to allow sentiments to fully settle properly to the fully settle bottom. You can tell when it’s ready when you see a clear wine with sediments resting at the bottom of the bottle. Decant them slowing before serving.
  13. Avoid stirring up the sediments too much when pouring. Discard the last remaining bit of wine containing too much sediment. Use a professional wine filter if you have one.
  14. Avoid bringing the bottle straight to the restaurant and serving it there because sediments would have already been stirred up badly during the journey and you will end up with a cloudy wine.
  15. By and large, customers with some experience with old vintages will buy again from us after they understood that these wines should be appreciated for it’s mellow taste, roundness, harmonious and balanced body. Not so much for power and fruitiness for this they can easily find in younger wines. It is also important to note that such old vintage is best paired with food simply cooked, without the heavy sauces, as it would overwhelm the wine.
  16. Customers are deemed to have agreed and accepted our terms and conditions as stated above for their purchase.
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