Wine Regions


Italy, despite being one of the world’s largest wine producer, it’s wines have only recently caught the attention of wine enthusiasts outside Europe.  In other markets, however, people are still content to stay with their barolo, chianti and brunello, although many regions other than Piedmont and Tuscany are now producing great wines.  Perhaps people feel intimidated by the sheer breadth of Italian wines and especially it’s extraordinary array of grape varieties which are produced there.  Getting to know Italian wines takes time but it is worth it.  We ourselves are still learning despite been in this business for years.  Nevertheless, we aim to provide some basic knowledge to guide clients along the right direction for them to make intelligent choices.


Many years ago, while consulting in Italy, Professor Emile Peynaud of Bordeaux once commented that “Italy has golden vineyards but produce silver wines”. Clearly he was well aware of Italy’s great potential of “terrior”.  Italy’s winemaking technology (in fact Italy have become leading manufacturer of oenological equipment in the world) and viticulture have become increasingly sophisticated and increasingly, winemakers are making great progress in unlocking the potential of country’s great terrior.  Italian wines are more exciting than it has ever been and people are starting to realize it for themselves. I love this wine!  Where is it from?  How is it made?   How do I get some?  There is always something new to discover and the best is yet to come.

Place your cursor on the links to select the the regions of your choice.  It will lead you to a brief overview of Italy’s many wine regions which include the statistics and figures.  We also highlighted the typical cuisine and production sub-zones where more important wines are produced.

20 Regions –

[1] Abruzzo

[2] Aosta Valley

[3] Basilicata

[4] Calabria

[5] Campania

[6] Emilia-Romagna

[7] Friuli-Venezia Giulia

[8] Lazio

[9] Liguria

[10] Lombardy

[11] Marche

[12] Molise

[13] Piedmont

[14] Puglia

[15] Sardinia

[16] Sicily

[17] Trentino-Alto Adige

[18] Tuscany

[19] Umbria

[20] Veneto